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Ann Ericson

This really makes me think about how deliberate we need to be with assigning jobs and the impact being asked--or not asked--to do a job can have a student. Even high school kids place a high value on being the student who gets to deliver something to the office or run to the copy room for a teacher. It's one more way we can structure our classrooms to build independence and self-esteem in our students. I'm curious how other upper level teachers use jobs in their classrooms.

Scott Tyink

The power of jobs cannot be underestimated. Even my eighth graders were excited to do jobs-especially the ones they made up. We circled up and talked about ways to share the work in maintaining a science classroom. They came up with several jobs-some more fun than others e.g. stamping completed papers vs. cleaning the sinks. They then came up with a schedule and ways to check in. They even built in the job of the reminder of jobs! As the year went on, they added and deleted jobs as our curriculum changed. In the beginning it was a bit of work to set up, but the payoff was the engagement and independence they developed during the year.

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