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Eric Charlesworth

Thanks for the comment Hope-- I'd imagine someone with your mentality probably finds ways to have "second lunch" and "third lunch" to allow for even more quality time with students. Proactive dining if you will. I'll tell you what though...this winter the constant indoor recesses are derailing this plan a bit. I would love to have more ways and times to meet with just one and two students at a time

Leah Lubman

This is excellent! Thanks for sharing how you work to build great relationships with students. I will certainly seek to emulate your steps, with several slices of pizza, in the future.

Hope Hallock

In my work, relationship is everything. I couldn't agree more that you have to begin building rapport from the first day. It is not always possible but it is so helpful when social/emotional/behavioral situaitons arise down the road. In schools it is not a matter of if situations arise it is a matter of when. I work in a Middle School as a counselor. Lunch time is my busiest time and I wouldn't have it any other way. Thanks


This is a great way of explaining your practice! Thanks for sharing.

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