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Todd Bartholomay

Here's a sample attendance contract used by Minneapolis Public Schools as part of the Hennepin County Truancy Intervention Project.


I worked with a similar system in St. Paul /Ramsey Cty. The attendance contract is the first big formal intervention undertaken by the school to affect patterns of absence that have emerged with particular students. It involves a meeting with student and parent, makes clear the expectations, and lays out next steps and consequences should truancy continue. When that doesn’t take, a meeting with the county attorney follows at which point he/she can direct student and family to additional services—mental health etc. and will also warn of a possible court appearance at which the judge can even order out-of-home placement. In other words, the attendance contract is part of a process and system provided for in the county law and staffing. My attendance liaison coordinated this at my building.

June Jenkins

Is it possible to get a copy of the attendance contract? That sounds like a great strategy to address truancy with students and parents.

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