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Eric Charlesworth


Thanks for the question.

I believe there are no absolutes so I certainly would not rule out taking TAB off the table for certain students. But I spend so much time and capital on the power and positivity of TAB, that I really don't remember having to do that. But I would do so if it angered a student or they did not use it correctly (those would probably go hand and hand).

I think generally when it is not working, the teacher likely has themselves viewed it in a punitive way, whereas my students generally get the message--from my initial explanation, from tone, from my follow-up, from its democratic usage--that it is not. (Today I did have to converse with a student who was a bit sulky after a trip to TAB.)

I guess my question would be if you are taking it off the table: What is the alternative? A teacher would need to sit down and make a plan with that student for what is a redirect that would work the same way. Because the teacher needs a signal for students to fix behavior that is non-intrusive to the learning.

All that said, if it doesn't work for a kid, it's true you'd need to work together to fix it or seek that alternative.

Elizabeth Crawford

Are there times when TAB would not be advantageous to use with a student? Is a good teacher-student relationship a precondition for a "good" TAB?

Barbara Forshag

I observed TAB being used in a science class (6th) during a brain break. As the kids were playing one student was off task and was asked to TAB. He immediately removed himself from the game and stepped aside. 30 seconds later he was back in the game. I later determined that he was one of the brighter students, but he was a middle schooler! They all need TAB at some point.

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